Fairies, Passpo, and Idoling!!! Holds Auditions for New Members

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Fairies, Passpo, and Idoling!!! Holds Auditions for New Members
Is more the merrier? With the immense popularity of AKB48 and SDN48, more and more girl groups like Fairies, Passpo, and Idoling!!! are adding new members.

It looks like having large number of members is becoming a trend in girl band groups nowadays. Visionfactory's new and young girl group- FAIRIES are having auditions to add to their original seven members. They are open for auditions for girls from 9 to 18 years old.

Moreover, nine-member girl group Passpo have already chosen 8 finalists from their recently held Passpo auditions. Passpo decided to hold an audition after Sakuma Kaho left the group. The new member/s will be based on fan-voting and will be announced on March 31st.

Lastly, Idoling!!! just had their auditions for their 5th Generation. They just release their latest single, Mamore! Mamore!, but the names of their newest members is yet to be announced.

With the upcoming graduation of SDN48, it is likely that there will be more auditions to happened.

What do you think? Is more the merrier in girl groups?
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