Too Beautiful YOHIO Holds Concert in Japan

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Too Beautiful YOHIO Holds Concert in Japan
YOHIO a 16 year old male visiual artist had a live showcase in Tokyo yesterday. The event was called "Yume wa" and it was held at the Tokyo Dome.

There was 350 people there including the crew and the live event was mainly from the "REACH the SKY" album which is to be released April 25th. There were about five songs that were showcased from his debut album and it was confirmed that YOHIO speaks Japanese well and shreds it on the guitar.

Looking exactly like a girl, but with great Japanese, it almost seems like YOHIO could be one of those popular girl idols. YOHIO showed off with many different dresses one being a white dress and sang both a ballad (Without Wings ~Sora to Yakusokushita~) and an up-beat song (Frantic Elegance).

After the performance YOHIO held a question and answer session. Apparently he loves Harajuku and Butadon and was very grateful to all the fans that came and supported him and said he would come do another performance again sometime.
Source: jpopasia.com
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