EXILE's ATSUSHI To Advance To China

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EXILE's ATSUSHI To Advance To China
Exile's up-coming album "EXILE JAPAN" will be simultaneously released in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on 1st of January. It will include ATSUSHI's special solo CD, which will feature five EXILE songs, three of them being collaborations with famous Chinese singers such as Jay Chou, David Tao and Na Ying. One of the tracks, "Wo Yuan Yi", will be sung by ATSUSHI in full Chinese.

Bonus CD Tracklist:
1.Xiao Cheng Da Shi ~Eien wo Shinji te~
2.Shuo Le Zai Jian~Real Valentine~/Sayonara wo ita Feat. Jay Chou
3.Itsuka kitto… Feat. David Tao
4.Wo Yuan Yi
5.Negai ~Yuan Wang ver.~ feat. Na Ying

On the 9th December during EXILE's Tokyo Dome concert ATSUSHI and Jay Chou performed Shuo Le Zai Jian~Real Valentine~ for the first time.

ATSUSHI announced that he is determined to advance EXILE's activities to China and will in fact stay there next year to learn Chinese. He also hopes that all Asian artists can collaborate together more often and create good music.

You can check out official video for "Wo Yuan Yi". It was released earlier today.
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