Friend Claims Koda Kumi Is Pregnant

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Friend Claims Koda Kumi Is Pregnant
On December 12th, Koda Kumi made the surprise announcement that she will be getting married to KENJI03 of the band BACK-ON. That may not be the only surprise the singer has store of us.

According to the tabloid magazine "Josei Seven", a friend of Koda Kumi has come forward to reveal that the singer is not only engaged, but pregnant as well. The singer has already begun preparing for the child by going to the dentist to get her teeth examined before a lack of nutrition causes them damage.

"Josei Seven" also claims to have spotted the singer a few days before the announcement. They noted "weird" dressing behaviors such as wearing flat shoes instead of heels and several layers of clothing, now presumed to keep an unborn child warm.

When asked about the pregnancy, Avex Entertainment stated that "[they] haven’t heard anything about this."
Source: jpopasia.com
Shared by: Aysohmay
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