Selina Gets Tears Flowing in Heartfelt New Song

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Selina Gets Tears Flowing in Heartfelt New Song
Just a few days before her wedding, Selina shares a heartfelt new song thanking everyone in her life for the love and support she's received during, as she describes in the song, "the most nightmarish period in my life".

The song, titled "*Everyone Who's Loved Me (愛我的每個人)", is composed by JJ Lin and is Selina's first trip back to the studio; take a look!

[ytid=T2Mpt6Na4Ks][yttitle]謝謝你們 愛我的每個人[/yttitle][ytcontent]Seina浴火重生374天 在30歲生日及婚禮前 在邁向人生新里程之際這首歌是送給自己的禮物也送給每一個愛她的人愛我的每個人 曲��...[/ytcontent]

Fans left comments such as, "Thank you for teaching us the real meaning of being brave..", and, "Selina, don't you dare doubt it, you're really amazing! You have our support~ We're awaiting your return~ (Darn these uncontrollable tears~ Huhuhu)"

As if not enough tears have been shed, Selina also leaves many little messages throughout the video for the most important people in her life. At the 4:14 mark, Selina writes,
"At least I've never been alone,
I have people who love me very much like my parents, sisters, and Richard,
thank you for being there for me,
accompanying me as I cry these endless tears,
accompanying me as I swallow these endless hardships,
accompanying me as I walk towards this endless path,
Of course, to all of you who have send me well wishes,
Thank you all...

Selina will no doubt make a lovely bride on October 31st! Here's wishing the couple all the marital bliss and happiness in the world!

*Song title translated literally for the purposes of this article.
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