Ueda Tatsuya Shaves Head for New Drama

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Ueda Tatsuya Shaves Head for New Drama
KAT-TUN member Ueda Tatsuya will be co-staring in a new drama titled "Runaway Aisuru Kimi no tame ni" which is set to air October 27th.

The drama focuses on four guys who escape from prison after being imprisoned under false charges. Uedas character is a ex-host who has to serve a term for four due to a drug control law violation.

Since the characters are prisoners their heads must be shaved, Ueda had just filmed a scene where his head was shaved. He then made the comment "One point of the drama is about the four guys and their shaved heads, since its so rare to see. I hope this can start a shaved head boom".

We've seen idols in the past shave their heads for roles but what are your thoughts on Ueda's dedication? Check out his new look below!
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