BIG BANG: 1st And 2nd In Hanteo’s Annual Album Sales Chart

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BIG BANG: 1st And 2nd In Hanteo’s Annual Album Sales Chart
BIG BANG has managed to occupy the first and second place of Hanteo’s annual album sales chart, which was published online last May 11.

BIG BANG’s 1st mini album “Always” sold about 87,000 copies while its 2nd mini album “Hot Issue” sold around 81,000 copies. The sales of the two mini albums totaled to about 168,000 copies, a very encouraging number despite the bad situation of the Korean music industry.

Yangpa’s 5th album ranked 3rd and was followed by SG Wanna Be’s 4th album and Kim Dong Ryul’s 5th album, respectively.

“The 1st and 2nd mini album were released in August and November last year and we’re very happy that they’re selling. The 2nd mini album was actually sold for more than 90,000 copies and we’re expecting that it’ll immediately go over 100,000 copies,” a YG Entertainment official said.

Not only BIG BANG’s mini albums were included in the Hanteo ranking but also its 2nd live album entitled “The Great,” which ranked 61st, 1st album called “Since 2007,” which placed 39th, and 1st single album, which ranked 96th.

BIG BANG set a record for having its 5 albums included in Hanteo’s Annual Top 100 chart.
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