Nine Muses releases 2nd MV teaser for "Figaro"

9yr ago   ·   Tuesday 16 Aug, 2011 - 09:46am UTC   ·   evil   ·   1 upvote   ·   0 comments   ·   2,200 views
Nine Muses releases 2nd MV teaser for
Ready to return with a sleek and sexy retro look, a 2nd MV teaser to Nine Muses "Figaro" has been revealed.
With the single's August 18th release date days away, the group continues to show off their new and improved side with the single's strong retro beat.
[ytid=Z8vTWDJ4mQA][yttitle]9muses[ ] Single Figaro Teaser[/yttitle][ytcontent]DATE : 2011.08.16NIne Muses Official Site : www.9muses.co.kr Copyright 2010-2011 STAREMPIRE ENT. All rights reserved[/ytcontent]
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