S/mileage Is Now a 9 Member Group!

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S/mileage Is Now a 9 Member Group!
Fans were left surprised today when S/mileage's new members were revealed at "Hello! Project 2011 Summer Nihon no Mirai wa WOWWOW Live "- all five of them!
"They're not fully official members" said Tsunku.
"They will be entering S/mileage as sub-members. After seeing how they perform from now on, then we'll decide whether they can become official members"

They are (left to right), Katsuta Rina (aged 13), Kosuga Fukuya (aged 13), Nakanishi Kana (aged 14), Tamura Meimi (aged 12) and Takeuchi Akari (aged 13).
The girls introduced themselves to loud applause.
"We were so nervous about the new members. We've had a tense day where it felt like our hearts would burst, but after the (new member) announcement, we felt more at ease"
said original member and leader Wada Ayaka. "I'd like everyone to become official members".
The "new" S/mileage release their new single "Tachiagaaru" ("Stand Up Girls") on the 28th of September. Tsunku hinted that S/mileage may even get bigger. How, you ask? "At it's largest, Morning Musume had 14 members, and that was a little too much. If a group has about 10 members, that's the best balance, I think", he mused.
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