Nine Muses to Return With “Figaro”

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Nine Muses to Return With “Figaro”
Nearly 1 year since the release of their debut single, Nine Muses will return August 18th with the release of their newest single Figaro”.
Returning as a 7 member unit group due to member Rana and Bini busy with their acting career, Star Empire revealed “Nine Muses have been training hard for the past year to upgrade both their looks and musical talents.”
Unleashing the single's 1st teaser earlier today, Nine Muses will release their 2nd single August 16th followed by the single's releases August 18th, and Star Empire revealed there are plans for another release later this month.
[ytid=tKNPwZuTHyI][yttitle]9muses[나인뮤지스] 7인조 유닛 : Figaro 실루엣 ver.[/yttitle][ytcontent]9muses[나인뮤지스] 7인조 유닛 : Figaro 실루엣 ver.2011.08.18 Comming Soon~!!!![/ytcontent]
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