MBLAQ members talk about their charmig points

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MBLAQ members talk about their charmig points
MBLAQ had a short interview on MTV The Show Want U Cam and talked about the members charming points.
The first one to reveal his best point was leader Seung Ho picking his lips. On the other hand G.O mentioned that he likes his handsome elbows while Mir thinks his necks looks sexy when he is on stage a there is a drop of sweat on it. Later Cheon Dung talked about his vocal vein that pops every time he sings and Lee Joon asked fans to focus on his new 100 dollar star tattoo.
At the end of the video Seung Ho was talking about the Mona Lisa album, but since G.O thought he was not showing its charming point decided to do it by himself, making Seung Ho feel disappointed and did not even greet or wave his hand at the end of the video showing his cute side.
[ytid=nE9LRiRgq5s][yttitle]110729 MBLAQ (Charming point) MTV The Show Want U Cam[/yttitle][ytcontent][/ytcontent]
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