[Exclusive] hANGRY&ANGRY Wows Audience at CLAS:H Concert

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[Exclusive] hANGRY&ANGRY Wows Audience at CLAS:H Concert
This year's CLAS:H featured not only a cosplay competition, but a concert headlined by Japanese idol group hANGRY&ANGRY. JpopAsia was there for exclusive coverage of this event!

Awesome. That was the only word fans could say after watching the hANGRY&ANGRY Concert at CLAS:H 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika, the two members of the duo, performed in Indonesia for the very first time following CLAS:H's cosplay competition. hANGRY&ANGRY were greeted warmly by their Indonesian fans who brought light sticks, enthusiasm and even a giant banner to welcome them.

The hANGRY&ANGRY concert was the main event for CLAS:H this year. The concert started at 8:30pm local time with an opening act by HoneybeaT. HoneybeaT is an Indonesian band which fuses the sounds of Japanese jazz and rock. The band performed "Oyashaa!!", "Twinkling Melancholy", a cover of vocaloid superstar Hatsune Miku's hit song "World is Mine" and a classic Japanese song. With their performance, HoneybeaT pumped up the crowd for the headlining act.

After HoneybeaT, the audience erupted into cheers as hANGRY&ANGRY showed up on stage. With a white dress and colorful hair style, both of them stunned the audience with their fierce look. The duo opened the show with their new single "Reconquista", which blends pop with a rock style. This was followed by performances of their hit songs "Top Secret" and "Kill Me Kiss Me".

After their first 3 songs, hANGRY&ANGRY took a break to greet the audience. The two tried to communicate in Bahasa Indonesian with phrases such as "Saya Suka Nasi Goreng" (I like fried rice), "Saya Suka Mie Goreng" (I like fried noodles) and "Saya Suka Jakarta" (I like Jakarta), all said with Japanese accent. The audience became energetic with excitement hearing their idols speak to them in their language.

When the greetings were over, the singing began once again. The duo performed another set of songs which included "Mr. Monkey", "Lady Madonna", "The Peace" and "Angelia". The group ended the concert with "Sadistic Dance".

After the concert was over, the VVIP audience got a meet and greet session with hANGRY&ANGRY. Fans were also given a photo session with them. The duo announced that their new single "Reconquista" will be released on August 10th. Due to their fans' enthusiasm, the duo also expressed their desire to return to Indonesia once again in the future and put on another great performance!
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