Finalists Chosen For CLAS:H Cosplay Contest

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Finalists Chosen For CLAS:H Cosplay Contest
Indonesia's largest cosplay competition, CLAS:H, will be held on July 24th. CLAS:H will feature a cosplay competition and a concert from Japanese idol group hANGRY & ANGRY.

Last week, Little Tokyo Ennichisai was successfully held at Blok M, Jakarta. Indonesia's largest Japanese food and art festival included a cosplay section. 35 cosplay teams competed in front of the Ennichisai committee who chose 6 teams to move onto another cosplay event: CLAS:H.

CLAS:H (Cosplay Live-Action Show : Hybrid) consists of live performances of cosplay cabaret, live music, and a cosplay competition with international judges. The purpose of this event is to provide the Indonesian cosplay community a place to showcase their artwork at an international standard cosplay competition facility and provide international exposure for the purpose of joining the international cosplay league.

35 teams of cosplayers competed at Little Tokyo Ennichisai and have been narrowed down to 6 by costume, script, choreography, and background digital video. The top 6 finalists will compete in CLAS:H and the first place winner will win the grand prize: a trip to Japan!

ANIME / MANGA Category
1. Asterisk LUNAR
2. The Valkyries

1. OPJ Duo Kamvret
2. MOE

GAME Category
1. Daikon Sky
2. Scarlet

The cosplay championship will be judged by a panel of international judges, including Kaname (Japan) , Alodia (Philippines), Mark Musashi (USA), Naoki Drachen (Thailand), Orochi X (Indonesia) and Pinky Lu Xun (Indonesia).

CLAS:H will also have a live concert event featuring Japanese idol group hANGRY & ANGRY. Starting at 8pm, Indonesian band Honeybeat will perform as the opening act, followed by hANGRY & ANGRY. Afterward, a meet and greet with the group will be held for VIP and VVIP ticket holders.


CLAS:H will be held on July 24th at Balai Kartini in Jakarta, Indonesia. For more information, you can visit their official website at http://www.clashcosplay.com. Tickets for the event can be bought at http://www.clashcosplayticket.com/pesan.php.
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