B’z Opens Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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B’z Opens Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
In this day and age, what music group doesn't have a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account? Well, B'z does.

On July 8th, B'z opened a YouTube account, complete with their most recent PVs, CMs, and live performances. The duo has also recently opened a Facebook page and Twitter account for their upcoming North American and Japanese Live-GYM tours. Both are pretty bare, but will be regularly updated as the tours begin.

Their first tweet reads:

http://i1.jpopasia.com/news/2/8006-zl3yppa7cp.jpgLive rehearsals for “B'z LIVE-GYM 2011 -long time no see-“ have finally started! B’z will give you the latest information!!

You can Like, Follow, and Subscribe to B'z for the latest updates!
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