Ueda Tatsuya Quotes One Piece's Sanji

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Ueda Tatsuya Quotes One Piece's Sanji
KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya revealed in his latest J-web entry that he was really touched by a line of Sanji from the manga One Piece.

While reading "One Piece" in the bathtub, Ueda Tatsuya recently came over a line of character Sanji which seemed to have left such a deep impression on him that he had to write about it in his latest J-web entry:

The cook I earnestly respect said a wise remark.
"More than continuing living for a long time without fulfilling my dreams, I want to die looking at the sirens with perverted eyes."

Apparently he was so touched that he almost dropped the manga in the bathtub.

He also interpreted the words into his own life with the following result:
"If I can't continue living as KAT-TUN, I want to die looking at women with perverted eyes."
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