UNISON SQUARE GARDEN Announces New Album & Release PVs

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UNISON SQUARE GARDEN Announces New Album & Release PVs
UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's new album drops new week, and the band has already released two music videos.

The band will release their third full-length album titled Populus Populus on July 6. The album contains 13 tracks, including the single "Orion wo Nazoru", which anime fans might recognize as the theme song of the “TIGER & BUNNY” series. The full PV for the song has just been released. You can watch it below.
"Orion wo Nazoru" PV

Already getting a head start on the new album, the rock trio has posted the short version PV for the new track "Mikansei Daisy" on YouTube yesterday. The music video was shot in the same space where the song was recorded, letting fans see the back production that went into making the song.
"Mikansei Daisy" (short ver) PV

Check out the cover art and tracklist for the new album below!

Populus Populus 2011.7.6
01. 3 minutes replay
02. kid, I like quartet
03. プロトラクト・カウントダウン / Protract Countdown
04. きみのもとへ / Kimi no Moto e
05. 僕らのその先 / Bokura no Sono Saki
06. スカースデイル / Scarsdale
07. ワールドワイド・スーパーガール / World Wide Super Girl
09. 場違いハミングバード / Bachigai Hummingbird
10. カウンターアイデンティティ / Counter Identity
11. 未完成デイジー / Mikansei Daisy
12. オリオンをなぞる / Orion wo Nazoru
13. シュプレヒコール〜世界が終わる前に〜 / Sprechchor~Sekai ga Owaru Mae ni~
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