Horikita Maki To Star In New Drama

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Horikita Maki To Star In New Drama
Horikita Maki (22yrs) will be starring in NHK's latest drama titled, "Umechan-Sensei" that's written by Ozaki Masaya. This will be a long morning series with 156 episodes underway.

It is the actress's first role as a doctor and her character's name is "Shimomura Umeko". Generally, the plot revolves around three siblings who's competitive among themselves because their father is a doctor. Horikita is the youngest out of them and she lacks 'self confidence' because she always compares herself with her older siblings as they are all high achievers. Her determination to become a doctor has been a struggle. The drama will start broadcasting next year around 2nd of April. What made her become very determined to be a doctor? Well, you'll have to watch it to find out more.

Are you looking forward to watch it?
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