Tsunku To Produce Upcoming Movie "Atsushi Hime Number 1"

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Tsunku To Produce Upcoming Movie
Singer and main producer of Hello! Project, Tsunku, will produce his first movie titled "Atsushi Hime Number 1". It'll star Ishikawa Rika (Hangry&Angry) and also features Nakazawa Yuko (Dream Morning Musume) as supporting actress.

Seiyu, singer of popular pop/rock band Sharan Q, producer/writer of most H!P songs and now also a movie producer; Tsunku sure has many talents.

His first movie's titled "Atsushi Hime Number 1" (Number 1 Kind Princess), starring Ishikawa Rika, who is currently a member of duo Hangry&Angry, Dream Morning Musume and Ongaku Gatas. As supporting actress her fellow Dream Morning Musume member, Nakazawa Yuko, has been announced.

It seems that the movie will have a traditional Japanese theme as you can see in the following pictures of the press conference.


The movie's planned for a release in spring 2012.
Source: jpopasia.com
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