Yen-j Rises To Top Of G-Music Chart

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Yen-j Rises To Top Of G-Music Chart
After spending the past 2 weeks at number 2 behind Cyndi Wang's latest album "Sticky", Yen-j has risen to the top with his latest album "Not Alone".

Yen-j's second album "Not Alone" seemed to only be a second place album as Cyndi Wang's latest album "Sticky" dominate the G-Music charts, topping the charts the past weeks ahead of Yen-j. This pattern has been broken this past 2 week as Yen-j made the climb and became the best selling album this past week.

Returning to the top 10 this week is Show Luo's hit album "Only For You". After 4 months since its debut, the album still manages to successful chart, securing its spot as the best selling album so far this year.

New to the charts this week are Jing Bo Ran's debut album and B2ST's latest album "Fiction and Fact".

The top 10 albums for the week of 06/10/2011 - 06/16/2011 were:
1. Yen-J - Not Alone, 11.51%
2. A-Fu Teng - Yuan Lai Ru Ci!!, 7.78%
3. Jing Bo Ran - Debut Album, 5.97%
4. Cyndi Wang - Sticky, 5.79%
5. Lindo Liao - Love Presents, 3.59%
6. B2ST - Fiction and Fact, 1.84%
7. A-Mei Chang - R U Watching?, 1.66%
8. Emil Chau - Diva, 1.56%
9. Lady Gaga - Born This Way, 1.54%
10. Show Luo - Only For You, 1.47%
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