Full Messages from D’espairsRay Members on Disbandment

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Full Messages from D’espairsRay Members on Disbandment
Two days ago we sadly informed you that D’espairsRay is disbanding after 11 years of activity. In the article we summarized the members' parting comments. The full messages have since been translated into English and posted on the band’s Myspace. You can read them below.

Thank you for your continued support of D'espairsRay. Due to Hizumi's throat troubles, we had decided to take a hiatus immediately following our show at Yokohama Blitz on 30 Dec. 2010. However, after further discussions amongst the four members, we have decided to disband as of 15 June 2011 and cease all activities under the name D'espairsRay. To our loving fans and supportive staff members, who have followed us diligently from our founding on 9 Sept. 1999 until now, we deeply apologize for such a sudden and troubling announcement. All four members are deeply thankful, from the bottom of our hearts, for your enthusiastic support and encouragement. Thank you.

-------------15 June 2011 D'espairsRay HIZUMI Karyu ZERO TSUKASA


To cure my throat during hiatus, I had tried all sorts of treatments such as medical care,
acupuncture, physical therapy, Qigong etc.
However, under a situation where there is no good prospect for recovering, we had much discussion and
we came up with the conclusion that we'd rather disband than we fade out without any activities.
Please forgive us for betraying the expectations of our fans looking forward to our comeback.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to do final performance, but we would like to show our gratitude
to you by different ways.

Though I've met lots of people and experienced good and bad things after we formed this band,
there is no useless experience.
I thank all our fans who have loved us for 11 years.


The dream of D'espairsRay we drew has to be given up halfway through.

I am so sorry for the sudden announcement to everyone who has believed we would return.

In this situation that it's unable to do a final gig, please understand to end like this
without telling our feelings to you.

I'm proud of the bond between you and D'espairsRay which will never change.

I'll go on to fill the empty space in my heart little by little and to meet you again with a smile.

To all our fans who have loved us, thank you.
Thank you indeed.


I'm so sorry for the sudden announcement.

Thinking back now, I promised everyone that we would come back in the bus during fan club trip before hiatus.
In the interviews and various writings, I also promised we would meet again.
So sorry we couldn't keep our promise, everyone.

However, this is a positive decision that all 4 members of D'espairsRay took after deep consideration,
so I ask for your kind understandings.

Now the situation still remains the same before hiatus, so we would disband without final tour or final gig.
As a result, there might be some discussion about whether it is good or bad not to do final gig,
but we judged it was impossible to do it with the best quality of our music which we had made as D'espairsRay
for ten years with all of you, so we decided to bring an end without any concerts.

Personally, I haven't painted a vision of the future yet, but I'll keep facing forward and look back a little bit.
Thinking of the days in which I can see your smile, I'll think what I can do myself from now on.

To the most passionate staffs who have supported us all the time,
To all the best "MANIA" who have always believed and loved us,
Thank you so much.


After the announcement of hiatus, I think both every MANIA"and we might spend every day awaiting our comeback.

However, I'm afraid we came to this definitive conclusion.
I'm so sorry to everyone waiting for our returning.

Although we'd continued our musical activities together for over ten years pointing in the same direction,
the feeling is beyond words to bring an end for both ourselves and every "MANIA".
Because it's our treasure for a lifetime.

As you know, I apologize you it's unable to do a final concert because of such circumstances.
D'espairsRay will stay the best band in the world which will be long remembered by everybody even if it disbands.

Feeling proud that I had played as a drummer of this band and also proud of our "MANIA",
I'll spend the rest of my life. I'll live with a positive attitude.

Also all 4 members of D'espairsRay are going to stay the same as before, having a party and celebrating our birthday,
so don't worry!!
It's often said that the reason for disbanding might be due to discord, but it's NOT!

I would like to thank all the "MANIA" and all the people who have followed and supported us.
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