D’espairsRay Announces Disbandment

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D’espairsRay Announces Disbandment
On June 15th, rock band D’espairsRay announced on their website that they are officially disbanding. “The dream we painted as D’espairsRay has come to an end”, says guitarist Karyu.

D’espairsRay announced an indefinite hiatus in late 2010 after vocalist HIZUMI became ill with a rare throat condition which left him unable to sing. HIZUMI’s recovery has been taking longer than expected, and after long discussions, the members have decided to end D’espairsRay.

On the band’s website, HIZUMI says that during the hiatus he sought out medical treatment, acupuncture, and Chinese and Japanese therapeutic remedies to cure his throat, but his condition made no progress. He says that he has met many people all over the world and had tons of fun during his 11 years as a D’espairsRay member.

Guitarist Karyu thanked his fans for their support and apologizes because the band will not be able to give their final performance. Karyu says that although there is a hole in his heart, it will be filled little by little over time. He is very proud and thankful for his experiences in D’espairsRay and how they have changed him.

Bassist ZERO is sorry that the band could not keep their promise and make a comeback. He hopes fans can understand their decision. Although he doesn’t know what is to come, he hopes to see everyone’s smiling faces again and wonders what the future may hold. He thanks the staff and the MANIAs, D’espairsRay’s fan club.

Lastly, the drummer TSUKASA said that words can’t describe how he feels about the past decade. The memory of D’espairsRay will always be in the heart of fans around the world. He is proud to have worked as the drummer of D’espairsRay, and he reassures fans that band members were always on good terms.

The four members of D’espairsRay have worked side by side for more than a decade, making music and inspiring fans throughout Europe, the United States, and Japan.

JpopAsia wishes HIZUMI a full recovery and all D’espairsRay members the best of luck in the future.

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