Nakazawa Yuko Talks AKB48 And Turning 38

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Nakazawa Yuko Talks AKB48 And Turning 38
Ex Morning Musume member Nakazawa Yuko is celebrating her 38th birthday on the 19th of this month with a live performance at Zepp Tokyo. She certainly hasn't lost any of her determination, as she says AKB48 are becoming "great motivation" to do her best.

10 years after she graduated the group, Nakazawa is now part of "Dream Morning Musume" (cutely nicknamed "DoriMusu")- a "dream" group made up of other ex-members ranging in age from 18 year old Kusumi Koharu and 23 year old Ogawa Makoto, to Yuko and fellow first generation members Iida Kaori and Abe Natsumi.

"Being able to greet fans at this performance aged 38 is like a new start, it means a lot to me" she explained. Talking about her former persona as the formidable leader of Morning Musume, Nakazawa joked "Having left my role as leader...I've become a lot gentler".

It wouldn't escape anyones notice how popular AKB48 are nowadays, and Nakazawa has her own view. "Personally I've listened to them, and I think they're such cute girls...so in all that we (Dream Morning Musume) do, we won't lose to them!" she said, her eyes shining. She never thinks of her age negatively, and with fans still cheering her on, she surely has many fun years to come.
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