A-Mei Chang Avoids Question About Ex-Boyfriend Drama

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A-Mei Chang Avoids Question About Ex-Boyfriend Drama
A-Mei Chang avoided questions about her ex-boyfriend during a promotional event for headphones.

A-Mei Chang is the spokesperson for a headphone company. She attended a promotional event for a new product the company was coming out with.

During the event a reporter started questioning A-Mei about her ex-boyfriend. The reporter wanted her to comment on rumors that her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend was pregnant. A-Mei looked embarrassed about the question, making the singer uncomfortable. She changed the subject immediately, not wanting to cause any drama.

When reporters asked A-Mei if she would be applying for the Golden Melody Awards next year for her latest album "R U Watching?", A-mei responded, "I am very willing to answer this question!". She said that she apply, but didn't place much importance in winning awards. Instead, making good music is most important.
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