H!P Gathering In Next "Ustreamusume" Broadcast

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H!P Gathering In Next
For the next broadcast of Morning Musume's Ustream show "Ustreamusume" some special appearances of other H!P members have been announced.

For the first time since the beginning of "Ustreamusume", other H!P member will be making a special appearance on the show (excluding short promotion appearances).

Except the usual hosts, Niigaki Risa and the four new 9th generation members of Morning Musume, the next broadcast will also feature Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume), Shimizu Saki (Berryz Kobo), Okai Chisato (C-ute), Wada Ayaka (S/mileage) and Mano Erina.

Watch the show tomorrow, June 8th at 8pm JST on Morning Musume's Ustream Channel.
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