Usagi Drop's Additional Cast and Ending Theme Announced

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Usagi Drop's Additional Cast and Ending Theme Announced
The official website for the series Usagi Drop has announced more of its cast, which includes fan favorite Maaya Sakamoto as Masako.

Other cast members include Sayaka Oohara (Yuko from xxxHoLiC) as Kouki Mama, Kana Ueda (Kinon Bachika from Gurren Lagann) as Haruko Maeda, Noa Sakai at Kouki, and Nanako Sudou as Reina Maeda. It was previously announced that nine-year-old Ayu Matsuura would be voicing Rin.

The site also announced that kasarinchu will be performing the ending theme "High High High" with PUFFY performing "Sweet Drops" as the opening theme for the anime and movie.

Created by Yumi Unita, Usagi Drop is a manga that follows the story of 30-year-old Daikichi who returns home from his grandfather's funeral only to find a small child in his garden. The bachelor Daikichi then struggles with raising his grandfather's illegitimate daughter.

The anime is scheduled to start on July 8th on Fuji TV during the noitaminA timeslot. The film, starring Kenichi Matsuyama and Mana Ashida, is expected to hit Japanese theatres August 20th.
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