Yasuda Kei Gives Her Blessing to Newly-Married Yaguchi Mari

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Yasuda Kei Gives Her Blessing to Newly-Married Yaguchi Mari
Ex-Morning Musume member Yasuda Kei recently took to her blog to congratulate close friend Yaguchi Mari on her marriage to actor Nakamura Masaya.

On May 22nd, former Morning Musume member Yaguchi Mari announced her marriage to Osaka-born actor and ex-D-BOYS member Nakamura Masaya. Two days later, Yaguchi's long-time friend Yasuda Kei expressed her well wishes towards the newly-married couple through her official Ameba blog. Yasuda, who has been close with Yaguchi since the two were chosen from Morning Musume's second generation audition finalists alongside Ichii Sayaka in 1998, commented, "Even I'm so happy I honestly feel like I could cry!"

She also revealed Yaguchi's decision to take her new husband's last name, writing, "This picture [shown above] was taken before Yagurin's name change from Yaguchi to Nakamura — my last two-shot with Yaguchi Mari-chama!"

"Though truthfully, I feel just a little bit lonely, too," she admitted, "Yagurin and Masaya-kun, I wish you happiness."

Aside from Yasuda, past Morning Musume leader Nakazawa Yuko was also said to have been supportive of Yaguchi, proclaiming, "I'll do my best, too!"

Yaguchi, Yasuda and Nakazawa are all currently members of the Morning Musume revival unit Dream Morning Musume, whose first album Dorimusu 1 was released last month on April 20th.
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