Mari Yaguchi And Masaya Nakamura Officially Married

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Mari Yaguchi And Masaya Nakamura Officially Married
During a press conference today Mari Yaguchi and Masaya Nakamura announced that they submitted their marriage registration and are now officially married.

After reports came in yesterday that former Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi and Masaya Nakamura were getting married, the two announced during a press conference today that they were officially married. Their marriage registration was submitted very early that morning.

Masaya revealed that he proposed to Mari on January 20th of this year and planned on marrying her in March, but postponed the marriage due to the devastating earthquake that hit Japan.

When asked how they first met, the two explained that they met through a mutual friend. They shared many interests such as drinks and anime and began dating right away.

The couple also described Masaya's proposal to Mari. The two were in Osaka for work. They went out to eat at a fancy izakaya and Masaya presented her with an engagement ring. "I'll protect you for the rest of my life" were his words to her. Mari happily accepted.

When asked about their plans for children, the two agreed that they would like to have kids together someday when the timing was right, but for now they were not planning on having any right away due to their busy work schedules.
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