Kawamura Ryuichi Breaks World Record And Performs In Thailand

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Kawamura Ryuichi Breaks World Record And Performs In Thailand
Performing just over 100 songs in the space of 6 and a half hours was enough to earn Luna Sea frontman Kawamura Ryuichi a place in the Guinness World Records. The record was broken at the spectacular venue of Nippon Budoukan on the 3rd of May.

Previously, on the 30th of April, Kawamura had performed a charity concert in Bangkok to raise money for the treatment of those suffering poverty and disease in Thailand. Backed by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, he performed 11 songs, which now seems a small amount in comparison to the number performed only today!

Kawamura spoke to the audience in Thai, expressing his gratitude for the donations received to help rebuild after the recent earthquake in Japan, and how many areas could look forward to a bright future because of such kindness.

Pod from popular Thai group Modern Dog made an appearance, singing "Hana" ("Flower") with Ryuichi Kawamura in a mix of Thai and Japanese. Both amazed fans with their strong voices.

Here is a list of the songs performed at "Ryuichi Kawamura Exclusive One Night Only Charity Concert in Bangkok":

1. Fukai
2. I love you
4. Shizuka na Yoru wa Futari de Iyou
5. Love is... (No mic, no speakers ver.)
6. Glass
8. I for You
9. Once Again
10. Time to say good-by
11. My Way
+ collaboration song. Hana
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