Secrets About NEWS

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Secrets About NEWS
Did you know for what reason even the good-tempered Masuda Takahisa gets mad? That and more "secrets" about NEWS were recently revealed by Koyama Keiichiro and Tegoshi Yuya in an interview.

In a recent interview titled "NEWS' Secrets", two of its members, Koyama Keiichiro and Tegoshi Yuya, shared some unknown(?) news about NEWS:

Yamapi eats a lot. During concerts, the first thing he does is eating.

Good-tempered Takahisa Masuda gets mad if you enter his own territory, even if it's just by mistake.

About Kato Shigeaki, Koyama said: "I wonder where his "idol switch" went lately, to its manufacturer maybe?"

Tegoshi and Koyama go to the same hair saloon and even have the same hair dresser. Tegoshi goes there twice a month.

Koyama's often told that he's "too kind".

Tegoshi once played a game with Nishikido Ryo and thought he'd win. However, his joy didn't last long: "I thought to beat him and boasted a little, but he'd just lost his console (bitter smile).

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