More Cast Members for "Arakawa Under the Bridge" Revealed

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More Cast Members for
Shirota Yu, Dream Morning Musume's Abe Natsumi and Katase Nana have been revealed to join the cast for the "Arakawa Under the Bridge" live-action drama and movie. Read on to have a look at their promo pictures.

Like already announced, Hayashi Kento and Kiritani Mirei will play the two lead roles, Riku and Nino, in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Nakamura Hikaru's comedy manga "Arakawa Under the Bridge".

Now, more cast members have been revealed: Shirota Yu, Dream Morning Musume's Abe Natsumi and Katase Nana. Shirota will play Sister, a weird man who dresses like a nun, Abe the clumsy girl P-ko and Katase will act as sadistic woman Maria.

Check out the promo pictures below.

Sister - Shirota Yu

P-ko - Abe Natsumi

Maria - Katase Nana

Nino - Kiritani Mirei

Riku - Hayashi Kento

The drama will air sometime this summer, followed by the movie in spring 2012.
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