Korean Artists Dominate Oricon Charts

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Korean Artists Dominate Oricon Charts
Jang Geun Suk's Japanese debut single "Let Me Cry" topped today's Oricon daily singles charts, followed by Girls' Generation's "Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run", leaving popular Japanese artists like Kobukuro or BREAKERZ way behind them.

Korean artists lately gain more and more popularity in Japan. Just have a look at the Top5 of today's daily single charts:

1. Jang Geun Suk - Let Me Cry (56,923)
2. Girls' Generation - Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run (40,194)
3. Kobukuro -Ano taiyo ga kono sekai wo terashi tsuzukeru yoni (16,788)
4. BREAKERZ - Tsukiyo no Itazura no Maho/ClimberxClimber (not specified)
5. UNICORN - Digital Soup / Butabuta (not specified)

Besides the fact that two Korean acts have taken over number 1 & 2 on the Japanese singles charts, they've even been able to seperate themselves from the other artists by more than 20,000 copies sold.

With this good chart performances, they follow other Korean artists such as KARA, Beast or F.T Island, who also had reached top spots on the Oricon charts lately.
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