JJ Lin Endorses Peanut Milk

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JJ Lin Endorses Peanut Milk
JJ Lin has been quite busy lately, his most recent commercial film for the '2011 Silver Heron Peanut Milk' was recently uploaded on YouTube.

In the commercial, JJ Lin is seen taking a sip of milk from a bottle and bringing it to the cashier only to discover that he has no money with him. He then presents himself as JJ Lin in order to avoid paying since he endorses the product, the cashier responds by saying "I'm the cashier. When she doesn't seem to believe him, he strikes a pose next to the poster of himself saying, "I really am JJ!".

Once realization kicks in, the cashier begins to sing some songs from JJ, both JJ and the cashier starts to sing on JJ's song 'High Fashion'. When JJ turns to leave, the cashier calls after him while carrying peanut milk drinks in her arms, "These are free with purchase!".

The only people visible in this 30-second film are JJ Lin and Wu Xiong, the latter more known for her small role in KO One, and for her lead role in Summer x Summer

Check out the commercial below!

Source: jpopasia.com
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