The Chinese Current: A-Mei Chang's "R U Watching?" Review

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The Chinese Current: A-Mei Chang's
The Chinese Current strives to keep you up to date with the latest in Chinese music. This edition features A-Mei Chang's new album "R U Watching?"

It has been nearly 2 years since we've last heard anything new from A-Mei Chang. But who can blame her for waiting so long to release new music? How does one follow up from the award winning, critically acclaimed album "AMIT" that not only gave A-Mei Chang a new look and new sound, but also gave Chinese music a breath of fresh air by being unconventional? The answer A-Mei came up with was to bring her music and image back to something more mainstream, but doing it with a style and force only A-Mei can give us.

A-Mei's new album "R U Watching?" is a treasure. Everything about the album is of a superior quality than what most other artists are capable of making. The vocals soar to heights rarely heard in the music industry and can send chills down your spine. The background music is beautiful on its own. The lyrics are deep. Everything comes together in a nearly flawless package.

Recommended Tracks

What Time Is It Already - The vocals and musical composition combine to create something hauntingly beautiful that will send chills down your spine.

R U Watching - The title track may not have the hard hitting beats of Korean style dance music, but this song will get you moving nonetheless

My Dearest - This ballad is one of the most heart warming and inspirational tracks on the album

Rating: 5/5

You can preview "R U Watching?" below. If you like the album be sure to support the artist and buy it!

1. What Time Is It Already

2. Monologue

3. It's Alright Because There's Still Tears

4. Them

5. My Dearest

6. R U Watching?

7. Treading Across Boundaries

8. Here To Play

9. Thirsty

10. So High

This has been the Chinese Current, making sure your flow of Chinese music is always current.
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