Yamapi Spotted In Okinawa With Interesting People

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Yamapi Spotted In Okinawa With Interesting People
A Japanese magazine reported that Yamapi has recently been to Okinawa for holidays. But he was not alone; Ikuta Toma, Yamada Yu and his rumored girlfriend were apparently also seen with him.

The Japanese magazine "Shuukan Bunshun" recently reported that Yamapi was spotted with close friend Ikuta Toma, Yamada Yu and his rumored girlfriend in Ishigakijima, Okinawa.
According to inhabitants, they first recognized Yamapi and Ikuta Toma together with a beautiful model-like girl, who later turned out to be multi-talent and Oguri Shun (ex-?) fiancé, Yamada Yu. They meant:"Those three were turned on off-mode, it was a private trip for sure."
Moreover, some friends of Yamada Yu apparently said that Yamapi had also brought his rumored girlfriend, the French English teacher, with him.
However, at night the group was seen in a bar drinking, telling dirty jokes and singing songs like Yamapi's "Daite Señorita". In the end, Yamapi and Yamada were reported to be totally drunk and needed the help of friends to get back.
"Shuukan Bunshun" is a gossip magazine, so do you believe this story? Maybe parts of it? Or do you think it's all made up by the magazine?
Source: jpopasia.com
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