Ueda Tatsuya Took In Abused Dog

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Ueda Tatsuya Took In Abused Dog
After fellow KAT-TUN member Koki, Ueda Tatsuya has now also joined the club of new pet owners. However, the arrival of his new dog wasn't really planed.

It seems that recently an animal fever has taken over the members of KAT-TUN. First, Koki got himself a parrot and now Ueda has a new dog.
In his latest J-web entry Ueda announced that he'd rescued a Shetland dog that had been thrown away in a riverbed. He took it in and is now "raising it in a good mood."
Friends, whom he sent pictures of the dog, commented: "Sweet devil..." or "I want to bite its butt".
Receiving those positive feedbacks about his new dog, Ueda couldn't stop himself from teasing fellow member Nakamaru, whose dogs look like mops in his opinion.
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