Jun Matsumoto Spotted With Mysterious Woman

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Jun Matsumoto Spotted With Mysterious Woman
Arashi's Jun Matsumoto was spotted with a mysterious woman by no other than fellow Johnny's member Keiichiro Koyama. A few days later Koyama reported about this chance encounter in his radio show "K-chan NEWS".

Koyama, who seems to be regularly visiting a chiropractor, has recently had a special encounter there with his senior and fellow Johnny's, Jun Matsumoto. According to Koyama, he was accompanied by a woman whom he seemed to be close with.
Both idols were surprised but ended up greeting each other. While talking, the woman turned out to be Matsumoto's mother and later his father arrived too. Apparently Matsumoto wanted to introduce his parents to the chiropractor.
Koyama stated "You sometimes meet your seniors in private, but you hardly ever meet their parents." Moreover he said that he doesn't think that Jun Matsumoto looks much like his parents.
Source: jpopasia.com
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