Which Idol Groups Are Catching Japan's Interest?

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Which Idol Groups Are Catching Japan's Interest?
Citing AKB48's rise to the top as an example, Goo Ranking asked its users to name the idol groups they're most interested in nowadays.
Those surveyed seemed split on the topic, with the majority of votes going towards "other" rather than any specific unit, but rookie Hello! Project idols S/mileage managed to snag the #1 spot with more than 800 votes.
See the full list of results below:
1. other [3362]
2. S/mileage [834]
3. Momoiro Clover [808]
4. Happiness [768]
5. Idoling!!! [487]
6. 9nine [461]
7. Tokyo Girls' Style [172]
8. SUPER☆GiRLS [147]
9. Sakura Gakuin [85]
10. Vanilla Beans [37]
11. Passpo☆ [22]
12. Creamy Parfait [13]
13. Tomato n' Pine [8]
Users were polled through NTT Docomo's "Minna no Koe" service between March 30th and April 12th; numbers in brackets represent the amount of votes for each group.
Be sure to tell us your favorite newcomer idols in the comments!
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