Results for Space Shower 2011 Music Video Awards

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Results for Space Shower 2011 Music Video Awards
On April 10, Space Shower TV hosted the 2011 "SPACE SHOWER MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS". Awards were presented in 14 categories.
Among the 4,000 music videos produced last year, only 70 made the cut as nominations for Japan's 15th MVA.
Pop/rock singer Kaela Kimura proved she was a force to be reckoned with when she took home the biggest honor of the night, the award for Best Artist. She also won Best Female Video for her cute and colorful "Ring a Ding Dong" music video.
Hokkaido band Sakanaction won Best Video of the Year with the creative PV they made for "Aruku Around". RADWIMPS was crowned twice with Best Your Choice and Best Shooting Video for the inspiring and hectic “Manifesto”. Best Director was awarded to Seki Kazuaki for his work on "Aruku Around".
[Space Shower 2011 Music Video Awards Winners]
Best Artist - Kaela Kimura
Music video: Ring a Ding Dong (This is a live version. The original PV is heavily copyrighted.)

Best Your Choice – RADWIMPS
Music Video: Manifesto

Best Video of the Year – Sakanaction
Music Video: Aruku Around

Best Director – Seki Kazuaki
Music Video: Aruku Around

<14 Best of Category Winners>
Best Male Video – Saito Kazuyoshi
Music Video: Zutto Sukidatta
Best Female Video – Kaela Kimura
Music Video: Ring a Ding Dong
Best Rock Video – Sakanaction
Music Video: Aruku Around
Best Alternative Video – POLYSICS
Music Video: How are you?
Best Pop Video – Girls’ Generation
Music Video: GENIE
Best Groove Video – HIFANA
Music Video: Matsuri / HANABEAM
Best Conceptual Video – Hikaru Utada
Music Video: Goodbye Happiness
Best Art Direction Video – BRAHMAN / EGO-WRAPPIN’
Music Video: WE ARE HERE
Best Shooting Video – RADWIMPS
Music Video: Manifesto
Best International Video – Kanye West
Music Video: Runaway feat. Pusha T
Best New Artist Video – Sekai no Owari
Music Video: Fantasy
Best Group Video – Bump of Chicken
Music Video: Motorcycle
Best Hip-Hop Video – AK-69
Best Reggae Video – FIRE BALL
Music Video: Dreamer
What was the best PV of 2010 in your opinion?
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