Oshima Mai Goes Without Makeup

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Oshima Mai Goes Without Makeup
Ex-AKB48 member and singer Oshima Mai uploaded a picture of herself wearing no makeup in an April 2nd entry to her official blog.
On this day, the 23-year-old talent was present at a rehearsal for her stage play Picaru no Teiri. "Today is the Picaru rehearsal," she wrote. "So, no makeup. Feels good!"
She later referenced the picture on Ameba Now (a Twitter-like service for users of the blog platform Ameba), remarking, "People are telling me I look more grown-up without makeup. I look more childlike when I'm wearing makeup, it seems."
Readers of her blog assured her, "You're beautiful no matter what." In one comment to the post, a fan wrote, "I think you're a hundred times prettier without makeup!" Another commented, "You could go on TV looking like that."
What do you think of Oshima's bare-faced look?
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