S.H.E Wins Big At The 2011 Singapore Entertainment Awards

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S.H.E Wins Big At The 2011 Singapore Entertainment Awards
S.H.E took home a combined 7 awards at the 2011 Singapore Entertainment Awards. Who else received an award?
C-pop's brightest stars were honored yesterday at the 2011 Singapore Entertainment Awards. The awards were divided into 2 categories: Most Popular and Best. Fans were able to vote in the Most Popular award categories, while a team of critics, writers and music industry representative decided the Best awards.
The big winner of the night was S.H.E, who received 7 awards total as a group and for their solo activities throughout the year. Ella was scheduled to perform at the ceremony, but before she could perform a short video was played showing S.H.E.'s musical legacy. Hebe and Selina surprised the audience and Ella when a short pre-recorded message from the two was played after the video. Despite Selina's accident, the singer still managed to sound cheerful, though it was obvious that he voice was now different.
Here is a list of the winners from the awards:
Most Popular Male Singer: Alien Huang
Most Popular Female Singer: Hebe Tian
Most Popular Local Singer: Derrick Hoh
Most Popular Band: Mayday
Most Popular Group: S.H.E
Mot Popular Regional Newcomer: Anthony Neely
Most Popular Music Video: Lollipop F - Fourth Dimension
Most Popular Korean Artist: Big Bang
Best Album: Hebe Tian - To Hebe
Best Lyrics (Regional): Jay Chou - Rain Falls All Night
Best Musical Composition: Lala Xu - Fear of Heights
Best Local Lyrics: JJ Lin - She Says
Best Local Musical Composition: Hebe Tian - To Hebe
Best Local Singer: JJ Lin
Best Male Singer: Jay Chou
Best Female Singer: Fish Leong
Best Local Album: JJ Lin - She Says

Most Popular Local Movie Actor: Fann Wong
Best Asian Movie: Confession
Best Local Movie Sha Cheng
Best Local Director: Boo Junfeng

Most Popular Local Actor: Rui En
Most Popular Hong Kong Actor: Raymond Lam
Most Popular Taiwan Actor: Ella Chen
Most Popular Asian Drama: Hi, My Sweetheart
Most Popular Variety Show: One Million Star
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