Agnes Monica issue on JpopAsia

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Agnes Monica issue on JpopAsia
Dear Fans of Agnes Monica,
I've put several statements about the issue with Agnes Monica on her official artist topic. I'll write this for the ones who haven't read or were unable to read, to clarify what exactly happened last few weeks. Continue to read of what happened.

A few days after our Awards was launched I went on holiday and just came back recently, not knowing it was probably the worst time not checking my e-mail. The JpopAsia crew have always been instructed to only allow Japanese, Korean and Chinese related celebrities and content. Once it came to their attention about Agnes in our awards and many blogs and fan sites shared this with their readers, they felt it was inappropriate to have Agnes in our awards. They checked if Agnes would have released at least one song in Chinese, Korean, or Japanese to make her a valid candidate. Unfortunately this was not the case in which the crew removed Agnes from the awards. Again, in my absence they were handling this issue as they were instructed by me. Agnes was probably added and approved accidentally some time ago which why she would appear in our awards list.
The issue with Agnes came only to my attention when I came back from my holidays. Which also is why we added support for the tsunami and earthquake for Japan just a few days ago. It's expected from us that we would have added support within a few days, but due to my holiday I was unfortunately unable to.
After reading through all things related to this issue I felt it was a big opportunity for us to explore new Asian music genres! Unfortunately Agnes was already removed and caused enough confusion already. I decided that if we are going to add new genres like Indopop, we should do it now and not feature her later again after removing Agnes from our site and awards. It would stir things up again and probably not really be appreciated by her fans. I added Agnes back and updated her profile to reflect her in the awards. I understand this caused even more confusion but hopefully understand the reasoning behind this action now. Usually it wouldn't have been such a problem, but I just discovered Agnes has a very big and loyal fan base!
I think the "Agnes Monica case" on JpopAsia might not be the most pretty case in JPAs problem solving history, but we can tell you that you fans can proudly say you introduced Indopop with your favorite idol Agnes on JpopAsia! This means that during this year we'll host more celebrities from Indonesia, write or even dedicate a news team reporting everything about your Indo idols!
JpopAsia is designed for - and we really encourage - to discover new music and artists from Asia. Indopop fans can discover new music from Japan, Korea or China and our Japanese/Korean/Chinese fans can come in contact with Indonesian music.
Please understand that our crew handled as they were instructed. It's just that I was unable to make this decision at the time it was needed. My sincere apologies for that and all the confusion caused about this matter.
We fully support Agnes Monica now on our site!
Founder JpopAsia.com
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