ORANGE RANGE's Free Aid Song "one"

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ORANGE RANGE's Free Aid Song
On March 26, ORANGE RANGE released a song called “one” as a free download through their official site. The song was written in support of those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.
The song is a stripped alternative rock ballad, with crisp harmonies and a chilling violin accompaniment that gets brighter as the song progresses. The message of the song is about moving forward after hard times. "One" can be downloaded here.

An excerpt from "one":
(Koboreteku hoho wo tsutau mono wa)
The things that trace down my overflowing cheeks
(Hikari dasu ashita wo terasu)
Illuminate a tomorrow that suddenly looks bright

(Hiza wo daicha tachiagare nai kara)
I hold my knees to my chest and can't get up
(Sukoshide ii hora kao wo agete)
I’m fine for a little while, hey, I’m looking up now

(Saa yukou ippozutsu ippozutsu arukou)
Come on let’s go, one step at a time, one step at a time, let’s walk
(Hitori ja nai kara, bokura ga iru kara)
From now on it's not just one, from now on it's us
(Saa yukou)
Come on let's go.


ORANGE RANGE posted the following message on their site:

What we are able to do is let our music reach others.
Every day, unreal images are played on the television.
Among all of that, we were shocked to watch people who were victims themselves bravely and brightly coming to the rescue of others.
Our hearts were moved by these people, and we wrote this song.
It's a small force, but we want to continue moving forward with everyone.
Let's sing together.

If you are having trouble listening to the song in your web browser or would like to download the song, follow the link, right-click on either MP3 or WAV and select "Save Target As..."
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