Mayday Turns Concert Into 3D Movie

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Mayday Turns Concert Into 3D Movie
Mayday wanted to do something different with their concert footage, so they used it and turned it into a movie.
Last year, Taiwanese band Mayday went on their DNA TOur across China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The concerts were recorded to be used to make a live DVD of their performances. The band however wanted to do something different that just releasing a concert DVD of their performances. Their solution to this problem was to create a 3D movie our their concert footage.
The movie, titled Mayday 3DNA, follows 3 separate stories about a Guangzhou father and daughter, a Taiwan taxi driver and his passenger, and a Shanghai delivery boy and his sister who has passed away. The 3 stories all center around Mayday's concert. The 3 plots all intersect in Shanghai.
Richie Jen stars as the taxi driver, Rene Liu stars as a crazed fan of the group, and Lam Suet, Zhang Yujian, Wu Baying, Tan Yile and Wang Wenxiang star as well. The movie scenes are currently in the process of being filmed.
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