Nakamaru Yuichi's Thoughts On KAT-TUN's 5th Anniversary

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Nakamaru Yuichi's Thoughts On KAT-TUN's 5th Anniversary
Today, March 22, is KAT-TUN's 5th Anniversary. Oldest member Nakamaru Yuichi wrote about it in his latest J-web entry.

It has already been five years since popular boy group KAT-TUN made their debut with the hit single "Real Face". It topped the Oricon charts for three weeks straight and also holds the record for the highest weekly single debut sales with 754,234 sold copies in its first week.
Oldest member Nakamaru Yuichi thanked in his latest manual everyone for the love and support he and KAT-TUN have recieved over this years.
"When I look back on those 5 years, especially the live tours where we can directly meet everyone, they became best memories."
He also mentioned that everyone can look forward to KAT-TUN's upcoming activities and live tour, which's schedule hasn't been announced yet.
Happy 5th Anniversary KAT-TUN!
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