Yoko Kanno's Message Song to Japan

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Yoko Kanno's Message Song to Japan
The worst of the destruction seems to be over in Japan, but the road to recovery has barely begun. Millions are still without power, running water, and proper food; and the estimated death toll, which was at 1,000 just yesterday, has been raised to 10,000.
One musician singing through it all is composing guru Yoko Kanno. She has written scores for numerous animes and video games including Honey and Clover, Cowboy Bepop, and Ghost in the Shell. Kanno is originally from Miyagi, a prefecture that was hit hard by the earthquake and tsunami. Yoko Kanno wrote this song titled “Kimi de ite, Buji de ite” (roughly Be you, Be safe) for everyone shortly after the earthquake on Friday, and she posted it on YouTube the day after. The song is a minute and a half long, and the lyrics are very sweet. The song and a translation of the lyrics are below:

きみでいて ぶじでいて
Be you, Be safe

心配してる 世界が君を心配してる
(shinpai shiteru sekai ga kimi wo shinpai shiteru)
Worried, the world is worried about you

(kimi no namae wo sagashiteru)
Searching for your name

(issho ni iru yo, sekai ga kimi to issho ni iru yo)
With you, the whole world is with you

(kimi no inochi ni ai ni yuku)
Going to meet your life

(kokoro to karada kowasazu kimi wo)
Your heart and your body unbroken

(dakishimete ai ni yuku made)
Until we hold you and see you

きみでいて ぶじでいて
(kimi de ite, buji de ite)
Be you, be safe
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