S/Mileage's Wada Ayaka Interviewed About New Photobook

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S/Mileage's Wada Ayaka Interviewed About New Photobook
On the 2nd of March, at Fukuya Bookstore's event in Shinjuku, Wada Ayaka from S/mileage launched her first photobook "Wada Ayaka 16".
"Today I'm doing this event all by myself and I'm nervous. But I'm not with S/mileage, so I can wear a longer skirt than usual!" she said to the journalists there, which was greeted with laughs.
Here is a further interview with Ayaka about her photo book!
Q: How was the location shoot for the photo book!
Ayaka: The photographs were taken during autumn and winter (from October 2010 to January this year). During this time I had my hair cut, so you'll be able to see two different versions of me!
Q: Also, what bits do you recommend?
Ayaka: My favourite shoot was with the cake! It was my first time making cake by myself, but I already see how hard bakers must work...I made it really cute, so I'd like everyone to take a look!
Q: Any other notable shoots?
Ayaka: I tried horse-riding for the first time in one scene. As soon as I saw the horse, I thought how big it was, and during the shoot, I was actually pretty scared. Although my face is worried, I was doing my best, so I like it!
Q: You managed it all by yourself, how do you feel about that?
I'm so overwhelmed.
Q: What have the other members said?
Yuuka-chan brought me some food. I thought Saki-chan would be at today's event, but it seem's she couldn't come. Kanon-chan is a big fan, so I think she'll have probably brought 100 copies of the book!
Q: Lastly, please make one request.
I think you will be able to see lots of different sides to me, so definitely take a look!
Included with the photo book is a making-of DVD, and the photo book is 80 pages long. You can buy the package here.
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