EXILE's Atsushi 'Premium Live -The Roots-' DVD Release

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EXILE's Atsushi 'Premium Live -The Roots-' DVD Release
On EXILE's official homepage the release of Atsushi's second solo live DVD was announced. It's called 'Premium Live -The Roots-' and will be out on April 27th.
It was officially announced that EXILE's Atsushi is going to release his second live DVD called 'Premium Live -The Roots-' on April 27th.
The concert was already broadcasted by a TBS related TV channel in Japan this year on January 24th.
The DVD includes 18 songs, in which six of them haven't been broadcasted yet.
Moreover singer Ai's going to appear as special guest, singing the song 'story' with Atsushi.
You can watch their performance here.
Source: jpopasia.com
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