R-Shitei "Freezes" Band Activities

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Sad news for R-Shitei fans right before Christmas: The band announced to freeze its activities.

On December 29th R-Shitei will hold its concert at Ryougoku Kokugikan in Tokyo which is famous for its Sumo tournaments. Unfortunately it will be the band's last concert - at least for a while. The members revealed yesterday all of a sudden that after that concert they won't be active as R-Shitei anymore even though they don't call it "disbanding". There are no information if and when the band will be back.

Vocalist Mamo tweeted today: "I think there are many people who can't accept our sudden announcement yet. I also think there are probably people who keep their hopes up like "This is R-Shitei, so they are probably up to something?" or that we will change our name. This announcement has also not been made to make more people come to our Ryougoku live. It's simply the answer we came to."

On December 25th R-Shitei will release its - for now - last single titled "isho" (遺書). The translation for it is "last will" or "testament". They published the music video today on their youtube channel:

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