Ensoku to Release Best Album and Live DVD

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Ensoku to Release Best Album and Live DVD

Visual Kei Band Ensoku announced the release of a best album as well as a new live DVD.

Ensoku's first best album album "BEYOND BENTO BOX ~bokura no 5jigen bentoubako" will be released on January 25th, 2020 for 3500 Yen. The songs included are the following ones:

01. 5jigen box (5次元ボックス) (new song)
02. BEYOND DEAD WORLD (new song)
03. bokura no, hakobune (ボクラノ、ハコブネ) (re-recorded)
04. tottemo McEnroe (とってもマッケンロー) (re-recorded)
05. daitai Malcolm (だいたいマルコム) (re-recorded)
06. Sono ato no petenshi (new version)
07. kodonachadarudo (コドナチャダルド) (re-recorded)
08. tadashii sekai no owarikata (正しい世界の終わり方) (re-recorded)
09. USJ
10. kurui saku haru no hajimekata (狂い咲く春のはじめ方)
11. kurui tokei no nejimaki machina (狂い時計のネジ巻きマキナ)
12. 12 monsters (12モンスターズ)
13. kinyoubi no chainsaw (金曜日のチェンソー)
14. Society finch for teen.
15. ano oka no koeteikou! (あの丘をこえていこう!) (new song)

The DVD will drop on January 15th for 5999 Yen. It will feature the band's concert on October 20th, 2019 at TSUTAYA O-EAST on Tokyo.

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