ACME to Release Indies Best Album and New Single

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ACME to Release Indies Best Album and New Single

On December 1st ACME held its tour final at Shibuya club asia. There they announced to release two new CDs, one album and one single.

The album is an Indies Best Album featuring the lead tracks of the band's releases. It is titled "WE ARE VISUALKEI" and is scheduled to be released via webshop and at their concerts as of January 22nd, 2020. For 3000 Yen plus tax you will receive a CD featuring the following songs: 

01. Maguro Kaitai Chainsaw (マグロ解体チェーンソー)
02. Gekiyami Serenade (激ヤミセレナーデ)
04. Barguest
06. Zesshou Ouka (絶唱謳歌)
07. RUN
09. Last one show (ラストワンショー)
10. Gekiyama celluloid (激ヤマセルロイド)
11. Houkago no Shiiku (放課後の飼育)
12. Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム) (Album Version)
13. Fuhai Mikan (腐敗蜜柑)

To commemorate the release ACME will go on oneman tour, also to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. The look will be a Visual Kei style that bands usually don't use a lot anymore nowadays. You can see it in the picture of this article.
The tour will start on March 14th at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU and the tour final will be held on March 10th at Takadanobaba AREA in Tokyo. They already stated that there will be an announcement at that final.

The other CD is a single titled "usogao" (嘘顔). It will cost 1000 Yen and drops on March 4th. The songs included are "usogao" and "You are my LOVE". 

Also, don't forget about the band's US West Coast tour next month!

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